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Liberty Or Death

  • Liberty

    To our core, we reject an notion of oppression.

  • Freedom

    We never take for granted the ability to act as intended.

  • Rights

    We own and respect our core values and protect those which we hold most dear.

About Corinne

Corinne Tatum is a wife, mother & somewhat entrepreneur. She is married to Conservative Personality Brandon “The Officer” Tatum. They met when she offered to help him with marketing, events & merch. She designed his first merch release & is responsible for some of his best selling tees & hat designs.

Corinne spent 20 years working retail in malls all across Southern California & loves fashion. She wanted to be able to incorporate pro American values into stylish casual elevated streetwear. Although she helped grow her husband’s online retailer she wanted a brand that was more geared toward women’s fashion & less viral political tees.

She sources quality pieces while staying price conscious. She doesn’t want anyone to be excluded because of price point.

The majority of her time is spent with her toddler Beau & family but she tries to spend as much time as possible creating new merch & building the Freedom University brand.